An end state whose realisation can be simply measured, by anyone WITH A TRUE/FALSE QUESTION. This clarity ensures no confusion as to achievement. Our Desired Business Outcomes are the primary measure of business success, and Project Outcomes the primary measure of a (change) project’s success.
An organisational attribute consisting of necessary people (with the requisite competencies), plus management (direction, structures, measures, controls, etc), plus organisational infrastructure (policies, processes, systems, etc).
The beneficial result of the delivery of one or more outcomes. All benefits are measurable and verifiable, but only some are quantifiable.
Narrowly, is the quantifiable value of a benefit (usually in financial terms). Broadly, a project’s inclusive statement for outcomes, benefits and (quantified) value, plus the projects strategic contribution.
An individual attribute of consisting of knowledge, training, experience, aptitude and attitude – possession of the requisite skills and how to apply them effectively.